Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Vichy Product Review

So today I will be reviewing the Idealia Skin Sleep by Vichy Laboratories.  I received this sample a few months back at an event I attended and I was quite excited to try it, not sure if it was the pretty pink packaging that grabbed me or the fact that prior to receiving this sample I didn't really hear about Vichy.

Since this is a skin sleep cream I mentioned on my instastories that I will be trialling it for the next few nights within my normal night time routine to see if it made a difference. This is a small sample so I could only use it for a shorter period but a little does go a long way.

Those of you that are not familiar with Vichy products this product promises that it is the first night cream that recreates the look of a good night sleep even when your nights are cut short. Vichy has been specially formulated for those who have suffered from poor sleep and are concerned about the signs grey skin, a tired look and rough dull complexion. 

When I read what this cream does I was a bit sceptical if I were to be honest because I live in London and those that live in London or in any City would understand how busy it can get especially when you keep in mind that some of us are college or university students, mothers, full time workers and even the constant busyness that social media brings. 

I used this cream for 5 days straight on my busiest of weeks because I really wanted to put this cream to the test. Like what I do with most night creams I cleansed my face applied the cream and did something while it set in such as scrubbed my teeth,read a book, or watch a short YouTube video just to let the cream sink in properly. The cream itself is a cute pastel pink colour and it smells amazing it smells like when you've gone to a very high-end spa to do a facial that's the closest I can describe it as. 

When I first started using it I realised that it sunk into my skin quite quickly and right away I had a good feeling about it so I was excited to see the results the next day.

The next day my skin felt so nice and it looked really radiant I used it the next night and the night after and I was astonished at the feel and the look of my skin. This product is some what a cross between a cream and a serum in my opinion in terms of the feel of the actual product but the next day your skin doesn't feel oily and it doesn't feel weighed down while sleeping.

I have under eye circles that you can see from miles away and it has reduced the appearance of them and there is no way to describe what it did to my skin the days I used this. This product had such an impact on me that I had  planned to trial it between 7-11 days and finish the sample. After I realised it worked so well I had to save it for those nights that I 'm either up with my little girl or working late and I need to look awake and vibrant for the next day.

The Vichy Skin Sleep retails at roughly £26.50 and you can find it Here and I also saw it in Boots if you would like to purchase it from there instead. If your sleep times are cut short every night this is worth the investment....

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