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So a few day before Christmas I received this box from reload to review, I did a boomerang on my instastories moments after it just arrived because I was extremely excited to receive this since *prior to receiving this product I have never really heard about reload apart from seeing a few pictures with these uber cute mini boxes floating around on instagram. So after getting through the hustle and bustle of Christmas I wanted to give this box of goodies a good try so as to give an honest well rounded review.

So for those who have never heard about this brand Reload fragrances are a collection of fragrances that centre around a little portable atomiser.This can be filled with any of the fragrances that you purchase straight from the bottle so you can literally top it up with your favourite perfume or as the brand states you can "reload it". This is so handy because as I always mention on my instagram I love travel size or mini's because it can be such a pain lugging full size products in your bag especially when you need space for other things, so right away I was impressed.

Reload has two standard canisters a black or white, along with that they have an option where you can customise your refill bottle with a skin of your choice. In my package I received a cute little  pink and white gingham design which you will probably see on my instagram alot because I love it. (just giving you the heads up)

Then there are the perfumes themselves Reload fragrances currently have 12 different moment scents to choose from so you are bound to find one that will match your personal preference. I tend to gravitate towards more musky scents so I loved Beyonce Heat for a while and my new favourite is D&G Femme Eau De Toilet.

The fragrances I received are Nightlife, Fashion and Ibiza. The perfume I use the most is Fashion that smells soooooooo good I don't think this bottle will make it to February it contains red fruit, rose and patchouli and I'm not sure if its the rose or patchouli in it that has me reaching for this one the most but its my favourite one. The second scent is Ibiza which has bergamot, ylang ylang and vanilla in it. I was a bit aprehensive to try this because I don't like vanilla in fragrances but this smells really great not sure if its more of the ylang ylang but I liked this one to and I cant smell the vanilla so I am sold. At the moment I'm carrying fashion in my handbag but will look forward to swapping over with Ibiza once its done. Lastly, Nightlife contains rasberry, rum and vanilla and if you are a lover of sweet smelling scents you are going to jump for joy when you smell this its quite strange because I am a lover of musky scents so the first two scents I would reach for hands down if I had a choice but I will definitely wear Nightlife because it still smells really darn good so I won't be giving this one away ha ha. 

Also despite these scents are 5ml they last for a good amount of time and they are definitely worth the money at an affordable £5.00 each. Each of these little 5ml bottles click on the base of the atomiser then its the case of just pushing up an hearing another click to confirm that its in place and your ready to pop it in your clutch bag or handbag and be on your way. What I love the most about these little French made fragrances is that they last quite a long time on the skin so its not like other fragrances and body sprays that may last for 3 minutes then you smell like you didn't apply any perfume at all.

To be totally honest I am really impressed with reload overall I wanted to find something to not like especially when I read what each perfume contained but I have literally kept this atomiser in my handbag since I've received it and I use it more than I use my other fragrances and that says a lot.  

The mini spray cost £9.95 in Black and £12.90 in White with all the fragrances retailing at £5.00 per 5ml bottle. The reload fragrances are stocked exclusively in Boots here in the UK , and is also available to buy directly from their website.

Based on my experience using this product my advise would be to give it a try you won't be disappointed and if you are planning to try this product or testing out any of the other fragrances( because I am so eager to try the others myself now).Be sure to leave a comment with your recommendations and thoughts because I would love to know your thoughts also....

I hope you enjoyed this post...I will be posting on Wednesdays and Friday's from now on so see you on Friday.

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  1. I have seen these and I wish that we would get a service like this in South Africa. Awesome post

    1. Thank you gorgeous! I'm sure with how amazing the products are they will eventually start international shipping.

  2. I've never heard of these before, they sound so interesting!!

    Laura || xx

  3. What a great idea, I hate traveling with my big bottles of fragrance. I will check them out

    1. Me too I'm definitely bringing these with me on holiday.

  4. I've never heard of this brand before. Great review.


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