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So just after Christmas I've been doing quite a bit of shopping, normally I don't do much sale shopping after the Christmas period because if I really really like something I tend to just pay for it but I've got to say 2017 has had some really great bargains and Instagram and a few of my friends have really showed me why everyone just waits till after Christmas to get their most coveted items. I am unable to list all the items I've purchased because I can't really remember them all but I will let you know in summary some of the thing's I've managed to purchase and some of the stores online and physical that I've been to. 

Honestly there are some great finds out there that have left me saying where have you been all my life! So lets dive in....


Sleek- The sale that sleek had was so great I literally had to hold myself back I just love their makeup that some items I bought were on sale and others weren't and I didn't have a problem with that at all. I will be doing a sleek Haul soon on the blog I will let you know once that's up.

Makeup Revolution- Got some big pallettes from makeuprevolution I literally ordered them right after Christmas along with a few other items that were discounted.

Superdrug- I purchased mainly makeup brushes from Superdrug during the sale most of their makeup items that were on sale were practically gone in the stores that I did visit.

The other makeup I purchased included Nyx, Nars and Barry M but they weren't on sale I will probably talk about them in a review.


As mentioned in one of my previous post I got rid of ALOT of my clothes prior to the new year so I did a lot of clothes purchases in the sale.If you would like to read the reasons why I needed a fresh start when it came to clothes, makeup and my home in general for 2017 the link can be found Here!. So the clothing stores I went to are:

Primark- I must confess I haven't shopped in Primark in a longggg time not because I don't like Primark but because I've been working at home quite a bit and I tend to get a lot of home delivery's when it comes to clothes because I'm a mum and its just easier. However the other day I just randomly wanted to go shopping with my daughter I needed to get her some bits so I thought Primark was the easiest store to get to.

Another reason for going  is due to the fact that I've been seeing alot of items on YouTube and Instagram that were surprisingly from Primark so I partly went there to spy it out for myself to ha ha. I got so many items for £5.00 yes you read correctly and these were some really nice items I just couldn't believe it. I purchased a dress, shoes, a bomber jacket and two really nice tops and the amount I saved compared to the original price was crazy. If Primark did delivery I would have a problem.  

Warehouse- I went into warehouse the day after Christmas by chance and I've always loved their stuff the only issue is that they are expensive its really hard to go in there and get a few items on a normal day. The only time I would purchase something from warehouse is if I loved it that much that I cant take the risk of it being sold out before the sale. I purchased this beautiful floral dress its actually one of the most favourite items I have purchased in the sale I cant wait to wear it to a wedding it was £55 and it dropped to £15.00.

Forever 21- This is another store I didn't purchase heaps from but what I purchased I loved I got this knitted jumper from there for £5.00 and some dainty little rings the jumper does not look like I payed £5.00 and it was heavily discounted ALOT, so much so that when the store assistant said no returns or exchanges I was like that is fine by me ha ha!

New Look- I've purchased so many things from new look before Christmas,during Christmas and after Christmas online that I just need a separate blog post to show you all my stuff I'm suppose to do a haul ages ago but  you know the London weather its been so dark and its either raining or snowing that I haven't had the chance to. I probably have to invest in some photo lights so I can start doing photo's when its darker than normal (despite I do think natural light is the BEST). 

New look had so many nice things this year on sale that I probably purchased from them the most. I would have even bought more things if it weren't for the fact that some of their items were sold out quickly.


Ikea- I didn't even know that Ikea did sales I randomly went there with my husband after our lunch date on our anniversary and they had a lot of stuff discounted I bought candles of course, blogging props of course like flowers, trays ect and a square container to store some more props.

Primark- Bought a candle and a gym bottle would have bought more because I do love there home section but I spent alot of time in the clothes section.

Ebay - Yes you read right this was another online seller that I was surprised that they had sellers on there that did sales. I tend to watch a lot of items of things that I don't think that are worth the price their sold for or I wanted to hold out on until later. By the way eBay is so handy because they send you an email when something is discounted I wish more online company's did that. So I ended up buying a rose gold glittery iPhone 7 case for my iPhone and a few ring trays that were discounted also.

Amazon- I've been purchasing so many books that went on sale whether its for Kindle or for my book shelf most of them have been blogging, creativity and self development related. 

This year is about progression when it comes my blog and personal life. I am grateful to those that have went before us that they've decided to share their knowledge. Will definitely list my favourite books and do some reviews. One of my resolutions so to speak was to do more reading this year so I am excited to share with you some of the things I learn.

Boots-  I posted this perfume as well as shared a little about it on my instagram page its Britney's Midnight Fantasy and I got it in the  sale at boots for £9.99 and I love it, its probably the only sweet smelling perfume I like so I am really happy with this purchase especially since it was such a bargain. Also in terms of perfume sets the Boots sale was amazing they were practically giving these perfume sets away its the best sale if you want to go into the new year smelling your best for half the price.

So those are all the products and places I can remember from off the top of my head where sales are concerned.

If you know any other places that are doing amazing sales or you've decided to look at the sales for some of these stores,please leave a comment down below. 

Happy Shopping!


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