Friday, 6 January 2017

Its the First Friday of 2017!!!: My Thoughts and a little Photo Hack

I can't believe that its the First Friday of 2017, a few days ago I was just decluttering my house and spending the final days with my family and friends eating food, watching films, playing board games and just generally enjoying the holidays.  

This week I've stepped out of my comfort zone alot I wrote my first fashion post which was my first post for 2017, participated in not one but two blogger chats and made friends within that chat and I learnt a photo trick that despite its little it is going to save me a huge amount of time. If you follow me on twitter or you watch my insta stories you would know I bang on quite a lot about lighting and the perfect lighting because no matter how expensive the camera is nothing beats natural lighting. 

I am no professional and I am still learning when it comes to photo's honestly I take ages when it comes to taking pictures and editing that even includes my watsapp Dp's( don't judge me lol). I must confess I am slightly a perfectionist when it comes to things looking a certain way visually not sure if that came from the fact that I design newsletters for a living or if its just me who knows.

So this week while taking a flatlay photo I was editing it and I didn't like the angled shots I liked the full photo but not the other shots so when I zoomed in on the picture it dawned on me why not crop the sections in the photo that I liked. So I ended up doing that and it looked amazing as if I took the picture from different angles of course I live for close up angled shots but this is going to change the game when I only have a little bit of time and I am balancing worklife, being a wife and a mum. 

Apart from being unwell the last few days I choose to see this week as being a great week I could choose to focus on being unwell as well as the other things I didn't get done because of that and the deadlines I missed that I set for myself but I've decided to focus on the positives of this week like being able to sit and have an imaginary tea party with my daughter and have her turn the cup upside down and look at me with that expression of where's the tea mum. I also got a chance to call friends and family and laugh and just enjoy life.

Not sure how the first week of 2017 went for you alot of people I have spoken to have had a crummy week but don't worry the first week of the year isn't a reflection of the rest of the year so don't dwell on it too much and besides you have 358 more days to make 2017 the best year ever!



  1. Love this post! Yes lighting is always key at capturing beautiful photos! Great post and love that your staying positive even when feeling poorly!


  2. Hope you're feeling better now. Sometimes a different perspective (aka cropping or even zooming out) can make a world of a difference to the photo in general. Good luck with the fashion blog! - Lubz (

  3. Hope you are feeling better. Lighting is always a problem for me and my blog. I dnt have a professional camera or lights. I make use if my IPhone and natural light. So I get where you are coming from. If its over cast I can not take decent photos, and If I do not have pics I cannot prepare a post.

    All of the best for 2017

  4. Yes I really struggle with my lighting. A friend told me to not only take the "flat lay" angle photo but to take one from the bottom ect, sometimes they turn out so much better than the planned flat lay

  5. This was a great read with some awesome tips!
    Happy New Year ��


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