Monday, 2 January 2017

Clothing and Accessory Trends that I loved in 2016

Before I start this post I have to first mention that I am not a slave to fashion in any way, I love fashion but I don't follow every trend that is viral,with that said I have to say 2016 had some really nice fashion trends epecially towards the end of the year. There were quite alot of trend that I actually did like but for the sake of the post I will mention the ones that I really loved! 


Chokers are such amazing accessories I wish I owned all of them most times I go online there's at least 20 types of chokers that I tend  to have a liking to. If you've seen my Instagram feed you would know that I am a lover of necklaces or pieces for the neck. I would have to say the best thing I like about the choker is the fact that with some chokers the same choker can be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up choker. This accessory is perfect for those that lead a minimal lifestyle where clothing and accessories are concerned.


 I really like pleated skirts especially when it became a trend again and there were so much different types being sold. I wrote a blog post about the pleated skirt just when it became a trend if you would like to read it you can find that post Here!


I love the look of bell sleeves I just think Victorian days for some strange reason despite bell sleeves have been around during different era's and now their Back! I tend to gravitate to the ones with flowy sleeves with chiffon or lace or when the sleeves aren't extremely fitted. I remember H and M and Debenhams both advertised on the side of the bus a bell sleeve top they were currently selling at different times, by the time I went online to purchase it it was sold out. I have purchased a few bell sleeve tops but I had to send them back because they weren't very flattering on me so I guess I am on the look for the perfect bell sleeve top.


I'm such a big fan of mules I prefer the flats to be honest I find them comfy yet elegant I have one pair with heels that I love which straps at the back but I plan to get another pair without any straps  but I'm so fussy about the one I'm going to get I've got my eyes on a few pairs.  I find that mules are perfect for summer especially with cropped trousers and skirts, bring on summer I cant wait!


I must admit that I took time to like the bomber jacket this is a fashion trend that was around before and also came back and went viral very quickly. I bought my husband a bomber jacket for his birthday back when it wasn't that trendy in terms of women wearing it and I payed like £10.00 in H and M and that wasn't even a sale price. The bomber jacket first hit the scene in floral patterns and despite I brag on on Instagram about my love for florals I wasn't feeling the floral patterns I saw them in, with the exception of one that New Look was selling that sold out Quick!.  Later on they started putting more simple colours on the market and I was sold. Since then the bomber jacket keeps evolving to silk material now currently quilted material. I have to say that with the different variety's that this jacket comes in it definitely grew on me.


It seems like rose gold is here to stay alot of products from phones, to makeup, to jewellery and packaging I see rose gold everywhere and to be honest it is one of my favourite metallic. Company's that create a variety of items always make it a must that they have a lot of stock when it comes to rose gold and even then sometimes its sold out anyway. I wouldn't go into detail because I wrote a post in which I celebrated rose gold and you can find it Here!


I remember backpacks were around more in the summer period they were popular for a short period but I remember looking online everywhere for a vintage floral one in the end I got a black and gold one from primark which was nice but they are so handy for those day outs that you don't want to worry about having your handbag and you want your arms free. Despite their not trendy right now I will probably get one again to replace the broken one I've got because I loved using it when I've got loads of bags and its really good with casual looks.


Last but certainly not least is cold shoulder tops I probably have quite a number of these baby's in my closet I literally love them so much I have to hold myself back when I'm shopping online because my basket can end up with 20 different types to my shame. I find cold shoulder tops very feminine especially when they've got frills and they bring a dressed up look to whatever your wearing whether it is jeans, a skirt, trousers and the list continue.  I've got a few nice one's in the sale that I wanted to do a haul with just waiting for that perfect light.( London weather eh)

I usually blog about makeup, beauty and product reviews but I wanted to stick to my goals for 2017 and start to do more fashion post so I thought this would be the perfect first post to kick off 2017.

So what fashion trends did you love in 2016?. There's a few more that I liked but for the sake of the post I didn't add them. I am excited and scared to see the fashion trends that are going to come on the scene in 2017. Yay where in a new year!

Wishing you a happy new year!



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