Saturday, 28 January 2017

Valentines Red Lip Makeup Collab// Laura Living Life

Hi Everyone, So this is really exciting for me because its my first collaboration with another blogger! Myself and Laura have decided to collab and create two different takes on a makeup look featuring the red lip for Valentine's Day. I cant wait to go read her post her makeup looks always looks so flawless! I added a gold highlighter but it kinda went all wrong when my lighting decided to go and it didn't show up in my photo's but I still love the look because the eye shadow I used came through regardless of the lighting.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Vichy Product Review

So today I will be reviewing the Idealia Skin Sleep by Vichy Laboratories.  I received this sample a few months back at an event I attended and I was quite excited to try it, not sure if it was the pretty pink packaging that grabbed me or the fact that prior to receiving this sample I didn't really hear about Vichy.

Since this is a skin sleep cream I mentioned on my instastories that I will be trialling it for the next few nights within my normal night time routine to see if it made a difference. This is a small sample so I could only use it for a shorter period but a little does go a long way.


Friday, 20 January 2017

Sleek Cleopatra Kiss Review

So recently Sleek has been bringing out quite a nice range of highlighters that are part powder part cream and they have been making an impression on buyers worldwide. The last highlighter they created was solstice and that was very popular with the majority, I was about to buy Solstice as I had just began to use highlighters myself because the reviews and the looks on YouTube were amazing. I tend to go on and on about sleek products but that's because they always leave an impression on me when I try them in Superdrug. 


Friday, 13 January 2017


So just after Christmas I've been doing quite a bit of shopping, normally I don't do much sale shopping after the Christmas period because if I really really like something I tend to just pay for it but I've got to say 2017 has had some really great bargains and Instagram and a few of my friends have really showed me why everyone just waits till after Christmas to get their most coveted items. I am unable to list all the items I've purchased because I can't really remember them all but I will let you know in summary some of the thing's I've managed to purchase and some of the stores online and physical that I've been to. 


Wednesday, 11 January 2017


So a few day before Christmas I received this box from reload to review, I did a boomerang on my instastories moments after it just arrived because I was extremely excited to receive this since *prior to receiving this product I have never really heard about reload apart from seeing a few pictures with these uber cute mini boxes floating around on instagram. So after getting through the hustle and bustle of Christmas I wanted to give this box of goodies a good try so as to give an honest well rounded review.


Friday, 6 January 2017

Its the First Friday of 2017!!!: My Thoughts and a little Photo Hack

I can't believe that its the First Friday of 2017, a few days ago I was just decluttering my house and spending the final days with my family and friends eating food, watching films, playing board games and just generally enjoying the holidays.  


Monday, 2 January 2017

Clothing and Accessory Trends that I loved in 2016

Before I start this post I have to first mention that I am not a slave to fashion in any way, I love fashion but I don't follow every trend that is viral,with that said I have to say 2016 had some really nice fashion trends epecially towards the end of the year. There were quite alot of trend that I actually did like but for the sake of the post I will mention the ones that I really loved! 

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