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Secret Santa:Affordable and Useful Gift Idea's for Him/Her (Blogmas Day 1)

This is my first Christmas Post I will be doing many more because I am doing 6 days of Blogmas counting down to Christmas or the last few days before Christmas wohooo. As you can see this post is regarding Secret Santa and to your shock horror I must confess that I am a self confessed secret santa hater( yes you read right) without going into a total rant about the reason's why I hate secret santa from the nervousness you feel when you pick the names because you don't want someone difficult to buy for or where office parties are concerned someone you know absolutely nothing about(gloves and hat set it is). The second reason I dislike secret santa without sounding totally ungrateful is the gift choices I know its the thought that counts but the secret santa exchange is rarely balanced you either put so much effort to buy a lovely gift for someone and you walk away with a glove and hat set or a pack of incense or in another case of mine nothing at all or you put little effort and your secret santa thinks your the most rubbish gift purchaser in the history of Christmas and avoid you like the plague for all future secret santa's. So this post had to be done because despite I'm not a professional to say the least theirs some Secret Santa gifts you can get without breaking the bank that are quality items that will leave your  secret santa's with a smile when they open their gift.


Who doesn't love an item that is personalised, before when you wanted to buy something personalised you had to spend a bit of money but now it is so much easier to get a personalised item whether its a mug, a coaster, a diary, a pen, a christmas bauble, a shirt, a bath robe(which I'm getting done this year for the hubby so don't tell him), a key ring, an apron you can personalise just about anything these days. Also personalised doesn't always have to be someone's name or face it could be a quote or something you know about them 2 Christmas's ago I got a mug with the Superman S on it and the words Super Brother for a family friend that mug cost me £3.99 at Card Factory here in the UK  and he loved it (sips tea). Also I got a candle personalised with a quote friends are a guiding light for 2.99 for a friend,in terms of a secret Santa that have a £5/$5-£10/$10 you can pair that item with other bits and bobs so even if they don't like your personal options they are bound to be smiling at the one thing you got them that they can relate to as well as use around the house. 

Another place that does inexpensive personalised items is Ebay, gosh their my go to my friend even got me an a A4 picture made out of jigsaw puzzle with pictures of a few moments with my husband and our marital name  in the middle all fancy that made me cry when I received it and it is probably my favourite Chritmas Gift to date everyone that comes to my home always gives compliments about it and its really inexpensive. Another place that does great personalised items is Amazon, there are many online and physical stores that do personalised items and even cards all around the world and here in the UK but I wanted to list a few that no matter where you are you can know what online store I'm talking about.


Your probably like there is no way I am splashing out loads of money on my secret santa on jewellery or a watch well you don't have to these days there are some really nice quality watches that are affordable as well as jewellery. For Instance do some fabulous inexpensive jewellery they also do free postage and packaging if you spend over £10, and you can also get free personalisation on some of the pieces. I love their products because you can get real jewellery that is memorable without breaking the bank. They also do mens item which are inexpensive like bracelets just in case you want to get your son, brother or husband something for secret santa and you can even get that engraved. I had a chance to do a photo shoot with some of jewellery boxes pieces so just in case you want to see that post its Here! and if you want to do some shopping for Christmas you can find them Here!. By the way if you hate wrapping gifts their packaging is so cute and "instagrammable" you just have to receive it and put it under the tree.

 For watches a lot of the highstreet stores do some amazing watches for quite reasonable prices one of my favourites I've got to say is New Look their watches have been really beautiful from rose gold to floral prints, dimante's, gold straps ect because some days you want a casual watch that still looks nice this is perfect for a female secret santa and by the way they do watches for male secret santa's to not a wide range but they've got a few good ones. New Look's watches range between £15-£20 and you can find them all Here!. I will be doing a blog post in Blogmas with Gift Idea's for Him so you will have a wide range of idea's for gifts for men I must admit I struggle in this area but I've got some male helpers to help me. There are also other high street stores that do inexpensive nice watches like H & M check out this cute one thats under £7.00 Here or Dorothy Perkins and Primark you'll be surprised at the finds you get in the high street stores.


I don't know about you but I just love receiving a purse for Secret Santa we all have to put our money into something stylish and I feel even if someone has one already they might be like me in terms of alternating purses sometime according to occasion or when they change their handbag or they might need one just when theirs is broken and yours might come in handy. You can get a really lovely inexpensive purse from primark, next, H and M and the list continues and purses range in value so no matter the value placed on your secret santa gift your bound to find something I'm sure.  Men's walletts are the same their are loads of choices on the high street  as well as on amazon and ebay.


There has been so much sales that despite there are some cardigans and knits that are quite expensive you can find some in the sales for under £20.00/$20.00 and you can get a jumper for a male secret santa or female. Also with Christmas on the way a Christmas sweater/cardigan would be great also their are quite a lot of inexpensive ones.


I love Organisers, Planners and Diary's for 2017 the girlier the better and alot of them are not that expensive and you can get ones for male and female. I've probably purchased 1 calender and 2 organisers already and we haven't even hit Christmas yet. Those men and women with busy lifestyles will appreciate you for it and if your stationary geek like me that will be an item that will easily become one of their favourite gifts once the new year comes. Also for an added touch you can even get a personalised pen to go with it or even buy an organiser or planner thats personalised.


When I say get your secret santa what they want or need its in the range of being able to afford it  and whether it is relevant to the secret santa your purchasing the item for.(macbooks and a Mercedes anyone ha). Every time around Christmas and the months leading up to it whether its work colleagues, familys or friends I always listen out or keep an eye out for what a person might want or need. This has helped me to get it right when it come's to buying secret santa gifts for my husband that has left him pretty happy on Christmas Day. You probably notice that a colleague in the office loves makeup get them makeup or a makeup voucher for Mac/ Bobby Brown ect. One of your sister's son's coat is looking slightly worn buy a coat. Your mum keeps talking about this yankee candle scent for ages buy it for her. Sometimes people make purchasing a secret santa gift for them easier without knowing it don't make it difficult for yourself.


There is so many gift ideas I could have come up with I could have listed a list of 50- 100 types of gifts but I didn't want to complicate your decision making when sometimes it can be hard as it is to decide on a secret santa gift especially when their are so much factors to think about sometimes. So I wanted to prepare you with a range of gift ideas that no matter whether you pick a male or a female out of that  hat or box you will have an idea already of what your getting and you and your secret santa can enjoy secret santa. As I was writing this post I really went down memory lane because I remembered the secret santa's I have took part in where a few people were happy with their gifts others were upset to the point of tears while a few were furious. I think that if its going to get to that extreme we have to realise that Christmas is about giving and not just giving anything for the sake of giving but giving your best. I'm still getting loads of gifts for friends and family  and maby next year I'll take part in secret santa since my gift getting has gotten slightly better over the years also, eh who knows lol. 

I will be putting a few more gift idea post up soon so subscribe to be notified of these and if you have any more gift ideas that is equally great for a guy or a girl please leave a comment down below. Also if you want some more places to get some of the items I have listed inexpensively leave a comment below.

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  1. men's wallet are my best gifts for men ! love the idea .

  2. I love gifting planners :)

  3. I love personalised gifts, they are so much more special!!

    Laura ||

  4. So many great ideas! Has helped me out for those last minute gifts.


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