Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Product Review: Glittery Floral Scents( Blogmas Day 5)

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For today's Blogmas post I got something a bit more different than usual because I've been shopping for Christmas quite a lot and as a Blogger I really enjoy the new products that you find on the shelf that are not usual mainstream brands that I'm use to because you find some lovely finds that later on become a big success. For instance I received an Amazon Kindle Fire when it just came out on Christmas a few years back from my husband and it wasn't that popular and it retailed at £99.00 I raved to everyone I knew about that product its such a powerful piece of tech its like using a laptop and I feel it wasn't given as much credit as it deserves. Now it retails at over £300.00 so I'm a big fan of the newbies due to that product because you just never know.

So I was shopping in a store and I purchased some well known brands and some not so well known products and I couldn't leave this glittery little number, it was inexpensive and to be honest what got me was the packaging it could have had socks in it and I probably would have bought it Ha!

So this gliterry rose gold lace number is the White Grace Eau De Toilet. On the back of the box it says that its inspired by elegance and beauty, smell gorgeous all day long. A luxurious floriental scent with comforting Sandalwood and Patchouli wrapped in gentle Rose and White Jasmine. This product is apart of the Tesco Range and Tesco came ready to serve this year when it comes to packaging and gift sets.

To be honest when I picked up this perfume I didn't know it was a floral scent I'm usually not a big fan of floral scents the only floral scent I have liked is the Brittney Spears Fantasy and I quite like the Marc Jacobs Daisy because I have a few friends that use it and it smells lovely. Also one of the ingredients is Sandalwood and I don't like that scent very much either so right away I knew that my thoughts on this product weren't going to be extremely positive. My impression of this perfume when I first sprayed it was the smell is very strongly scented so I wasn't too pleased in the beginning but when the scent faded a bit it didn't smell that bad.I don't really like sandalwood in a perfume it has a scent that reminds me of something you will have in your house to freshen it up. I am a fan of musky scents and my mum loves floral scents so I am convinced that she would love this and possibly others that are in to floral scents.

So in terms of my thoughts on this product I am on the fence but I do commend Tesco for the packaging of the product it is so "Instagrammable".

Also if you've tried this product or any other perfumes from the Tesco range or other non branded perfumes like Zoella, Zara ect what are your thoughts on them ? Are they any good compared to the likes of Dolce and Gabanna, Jimmy Choo and the list continues. I'm yet to find one that I am crazy about. 

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  1. Yes, the packaging looks classy on these! Instagrammable lol! I m not a bog fan of sharp fragrances. I prefer very subtle ones!

  2. This looks so nice! The packaging is definitely Instagrammable! I don't know if I'd be a fan of the scent though!


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