Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Rose Gold Faves: My top 5 favourite items( Blogmas Day2)

Hey Lovelies,

While shooting some of the pictures for Blogmas my camera would just shut off or there would be some weird smudge in the same place on all of my pictures it was driving me "Christmas Crazy" so I realised after loads of attempts that my camera was broken so I got a new camera and I must say I'm not so sad anymore that the camera broke because my picture quality with this new camera is heaps better. So I'm going to be posting like mad to catch up when it comes to Blogmas but it would be totally worth it when you see what I got in store for you. 

So in 2016 rose gold became the craze every where and I am in love with all things rose gold I really believe that if  everything I owned was rose gold I would be one happy beauty blogger. I came up with this post because new look was selling a rose gold sequenced dress that I was tempted to get for new year and when I had to pick the colour for my Iphone 7 I didn't even hesitate to think about the colour.

So even though I've got alot of items in rose gold I wanted to list my top 5 items that I am sligtly in love with so here goes:

1.SK Lashes- These lashes come in a beautiful rose gold packaging and the eyelashes are so beautiful I will definitely be doing a review on these on the blog when I do my next makeup look.

2.PNY Rose Gold Phone Charger - I don't leave home without it I charge it up put it in my bag and I am ready to go, no matter how long my days are I am never left with a dead battery.

3. The Vivid Baked Highlighter- This product was by makeup revolution and its in the shade rose gold lights I literally couldn't leave superdrug without it I cant wait to do loads of makeup looks with this highlighter.

4.Rose Gold Earring Stud Earrings- I purchased these from primark and I wear them all of the time they are so every day and they have a sense of sophistication to them without being overdone their really cute especially if your hair is up in a top knot. Also they are inexpensive think I got them for a £1.50.

5.Rose Gold Glittery Leaf Earrings- Purchased these from primark a while back and all I thought of when I saw them was new year their just so elegant and glittery they would add a touch of glitter if your wearing a white/ beige top when your bringing in the new year.

Well I hope you like my celebration of all things rose gold, I would love to know what rose gold items are your favourites I'm currently looking for some measuring spoons and cups in rose gold to get some baking done.  Leave a comment down below and don't forget to subscribe.

Happy Holidays,



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