Friday, 30 December 2016

My Blogging Story+ Blogging Goals for 2017

I 've literally been thinking of all the area's I would love to grow in where blogging is concerned for 2017 because so much has changed in terms of my blog and even me. 


I remember I started blogging because I had just left my job to work from home and I was so bored from the lack of human interaction, during that period of my life my husband kept saying to me get a hobby and my answer would be work is my hobby lol. 

After several weeks of saying that  he suggested to me why don't you write you like writing and at that time I was pretty engrossed in The Sunday Girl and whats now The Anna Edit because of their post on makeup.So I began writing as a hobby then as I got busier with work I stopped for a while then randomly one day I checked my blogging email which I rarely checked at the time and there was an email from someone that was working in an outreach team for a celebrity. 

In the email it stated that they looked at my blog post and wanted to use some of them on this celebrity's website. I immediately felt nervous and despite responding and saying that's ok I felt so insecure and embarrassed because I didn't really write anything in ages. Then it dawned on me that what I found as a hobby and was the "babbling" of a bored homeworker someone else saw my writing as something to be shared with their audience. Its so strange because at that time I practically gave up on blogging and fast forward I absolutely LOVE IT!.

So after that encouragement I began writing again but alot more frequently and I was an unorganised mess to begin with then from the month of May I started attending blogging events which encouraged me sooo much that I have become alot more organised, made some friends and worked with some really cool brands this year. So I will leave with you two tips and this apply's to you no matter what stage you are in:


No matter what stage you are in its important to set clear goals for yourself your blog could be 2 days old, I would say lay out a plan of what you want to achieve. When I changed my strategy and became more committed to my blog I started listing the things that were positive first such as feedback from readers and followers then I wrote down the constructive criticism I received from friends, family, followers and fellow bloggers then lastly I started listing the achievements I wanted to have, to someone else it might be little but we all have to start somewhere.

For instance you might be a beauty blogger that does makeup looks your achievement to begin with might be for other's to want to know how you achieved that particular look and to comment positively or you make DIY's( for people to create what you've made and refer others to your blog). You might be an advanced blogger with a huge following and you want to start generating an income from your blog or receive an award for your blog, whatever your dreams are Dream Big.


When I first started to blog I was on the fence whether I wanted to invest in this long term my mentality was I would give it a shot and if it failed then its not the end of the world.One evening I read a blog post and it said in order to move forward in blogging you have to spend money whether its a new camera, products your going to review or even to pay for tickets to go to blogging seminars. That right there was a deal breaker for me its probably a deal breaker for some of you that are reading this but after I read that post this statement was in my mind all night "If you give a half hearted effort you will yield half hearted results." I am grateful to other bloggers for their amazing content and their honesty because you literally kick me out of my comfort zone and inspire me. 

Therefore,I've determined in 2017 that I want to be better scratch that I will be better. So with all of that said here are my blogging goals for 2017:

1. Write and schedule post to go out on certain days in advance.
2. Collaborate with more brands
3. Write guest post for other beauty, lifestyle or fashion blogs.
4. Attend more blogging events
5. Grow to 1000 followers or beyond by March 2017
6. Do a huge giveway once I reach 1000 followers
7. Gain the confidence to actually post a few makeup looks
8. Invest more time in my social media platforms.
9. Meet and collaborate with other beauty bloggers
10.Improve the quality of my pictures and writing through practising.
11.I'm working on a secret project will let you know very soon, but invest more time in this project.
12 Read more books on blogging I've ordered a few
13.Have my own photo studio set up
14. Review some of my favourite beauty and makeup brands
15. Do more fashion photography, DIY's and travelling post

Remember Blogging isn't a sprint its a marathon enjoy it, make errors and learn from it, give your self time to develop and  get better and most of all have fun!

Wishing you a safe and happy new year!




  1. Great goals! Wish you all the best. Happy new year!

  2. I started blogging because I felt like I needed to let out all my thoughts, instead of just keeping them in my mind. That time, though, I had no goals, no themes..m I wrote just about anything. My lazy side left my blog inactive for months, until it became years. Just recently, I decided to create a new blog, this time, a more organized one and with a theme. I hope all your goals will be achieved this year!

  3. you have such good goals! cant wait for you to achieve them all xx

  4. Awesome goals! Loved reading your blogging story :)


  5. Completely agree! No matter how successful or how much of an amateur you may be it's always to set goals and hve ambitions! I really love all your little goals! I always set myself goAls every month and will go back and see how many I achieved!

    Stacey x

  6. Such a good list! I really want to attend some events this year, they sound like so much fun! And definitely scheduling posts, rather than night before madness! xx

    Laura ||


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