Thursday, 22 December 2016

Mini Superdrug Makeup Haul Plus a Special Gift( Blogmas Day 6)

So a few days ago I went to superdrug with plans to get nail polish I saw some really nice nailpolishes in an advert on YouTube where the bottle had a ribbed effect on it so I was like I need to have them in my life. So after arriving at Superdrug all the plans of getting nail polish went out the window when I saw the palette's and other new makeup products they were displaying. To be honest I wanted a new pallet I am one of those people that eye shadow can sometimes look a bit heavy when applied to my face if its not balanced well so when I buy an eye shadow it would last for long or like most people some colours don't even get touched. 

The makeup revolution set up stood out to me the most because there was so much choice I stood their for ages because everything was so beautiful I could have easily walked out of Superdrug with 3 palettes guilt free they were all so nice. I've made it my aim in 2017 to do more eyeshadow looks so I will do a review on the palette in in a separate blog post but firstly let me list the makeup bits that I bought.

1. Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Beyond Flawless Matte Palette- This Pallete had all my favourite matte colours. In the whole palette the colours are very understated and beautiful theirs a wide range of beige, pinks and brown which are amazing base colours with brighter tones. I have tried a few of the darker colours and their also very pigmented. I am extremely excited to review this palette more in dept as well as do some swatches for you.

2. Sleek True Colour Lipstick (In the colour Dare)-  This lipstick to be honest was so AMAZING! it needed a seperate blog post of its own will be doing a separate review will let you know when that post is up. To be honest their was 2 colours in this range that I was drawn to but because I had a similar colour to one of them and the one I eventually bought was so nice that I couldn't leave it I just bought one. My only complaint is that I want more of it I wish this lipstick was bigger because it is going to be my new Fall/Winter Staple.

3. Revoholic Lips(Special Gift)- I picked up one palette and the baked highlighter and the store assistant showed me 3 free gifts you can choose from with this purchase there was Revoholic Lips, Revoholic Eyes and Revoholic Cheeks. To be totally honest I wanted all of them I spent what was like forever in the store deciding on the special gift because my favourite makeup is lipstick and I would actually use all the colours but I was so tempted by the other two gifts I picked them up put them down thought seriously about getting another palette just so I can get another one. But I had gifts to purchase for birthdays and Christmas also but I'm sure I will end up in Superdrug again before Christmas so hopefully I can get my hands on the other two gifts Ha!

4.Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Rose Gold Lights- This highlighter is beautiful, its so soft and all I can think about is summer when I apply it to my makeup it is inexpensive but the quality of it is not. I will leave the full price of all items in the haul and the links also. I am definitely going out to get my hands on another one.(Smiles)

So this haul might seem like a short one but I purchased not only makeup products but non makeup products also I will be posting some of the items I got on my Instagram page so you can follow me Here! to see some of the pictures I will be posting.

1. Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Beyond Flawless Palette 
£8.00 and you can find it Here!
2. Sleek True Colour Lipstick £4.99 and you can find it Here!
3. Makeup Revolution Revoholic Lips( Special Gift)- Free gift when you spend over£10 on Makeup Revolution Products
4.Makeup Revolution  Baked Highlighter in Rose Gold Lights £3.00 and you can find it Here!

So this is my final Blogmas Post I will probably have a few more Christmas Post so be sure to subscribe and Leave a Comment.

Once Again Thank you Reading,
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  1. Make Up Revolution palettes always look divine, I am going to have to get one at some stage...

    Laura || xx

  2. I've always wanted to get the Makeup Revolution palette! Looks stunning! x

  3. The baked highlighter looks gorgeous although I would probably wear it as a blush / highlight combo. I'm also loving the shapes of the pans for the lip palette, very unique.

  4. I love the look of the Revoholic Lips palette! So many pretty shades :) x


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