Thursday, 15 December 2016

I'm Dreaming of a Gold Christmas: Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold( Blogmas Day 3)

 Add a little sprinkle of gold to your smile this Christmas 

If you want to add that extra sparkle this Christmas try using Beverly Hills Formula’s new Perfect White GOLD toothpaste which contains real gold particles.

Perfect White Gold offers fantastic teeth whitening results with the added benefits of gold, which is known for its anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory action and can also increase blood flow.

Low in abrasion, Perfect White Gold toothpaste helps remove surface and deep stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and spicy foods, to brighten, lighten and whiten your teeth.

Regular use of Perfect White Gold toothpaste will also help to prevent tartar build up, effectively keeping your teeth whiter for longer.

So I'm excited to present to you Beverly Hills formula's latest tooth whitening product, I must say I was so excited to receive this product in the mail because the first product I used  by Beverly Hills Formula was their black charcoal toothpaste and I loved it I will be doing a review on the blog of that toothpaste in the new year so subscribe so you can be notified. I've just received this product so I can't really give my thoughts on it just yet but I will give you an update when I have had a chance to use it some more. However, I love the new packaging and judging by their previous tooth whitening product I am looking forward to trying this one.*

I love teeth whitening products because I  really do believe that "A great smile is always in fashion" and since meeting Beverly Hills Formula at the blogger festival I've been such a fan of their whitening products. 

I am so grateful to Beverly hills formula for sending me their product and I have left some information down below if you would like to know where to purchase this product as well as any of their other products in their teeth whitening range.

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect Gold £5.49 is available from Superdrug stores and and Lloyds Pharmacy.

For more information visit

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  1. this seems like an interesting toothpaste ! love the gold packaging too !


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