Thursday, 29 December 2016

Give your home a fresh start for 2017

I literally cant believe that in a few days we are going to be in a new year this year just went by so fast even with its highs and lows I have to admit overall its been a good year. So before Christmas and all the festivities I started going through loads of my wardrobe because I can be a bit of a hoarder and I didn't want to go into 2017 with that mentality, in fact I have been looking for some books on living a more minimal lifestyle so if you know any good books please leave a comment down below.

There are so many areas in your home that there could be items that have lived their far to long for sentimental reasons or the excuse I use "just in case I need it" but despite its hard letting go of those beloved items you feel really liberated after. In fact I felt so liberated that after my husband got me a jewellery box and makeup box organiser I sat in my living room and went through all my makeup and jewellery as well.


To be totally transparent their were so much items in my closet sitting their unworn as I would constantly say to myself I might wear it someday or I will sell it on eBay but to be honest that day never came. I am going to mention three questions I asked myself when deciding what to get rid, these questions helped me immensely when it came to not losing will power and putting every piece of clothing back in the " I will keep you pile"

1. Do you feel a sense of joy when you see this item?

2. Does this item fit you in regards to size or has that ship sailed?. I had to be honest with myself hand on heart that I am not going to be a size 8 again anytime soon lol.
3.Have you outgrown this item in terms of maturity or is it unsightly colour faded, damaged and it cant be repaired.

Doing this was so hard but to be honest I manged to make space for all my photo equipment and blogging props, yes after giving my clothes a new home at the charity down the road I managed to have a whole storage cupboard free. I placed shelves in it and now I have a pretty neat place to store all my blog related bits. Yay!


To be honest I don't hoard makeup I have a lot of makeup and the problem I was having is due to having a lot of makeup all in one place unorganised I started to lose track of what I bought. I am so grateful to my husband for getting me a huge makeup box with all the sliding compartments to store my makeup. Will do an instastory showing you how I organised it all but now I have a compartment for lipsticks, one for nail varnishes another for makeup equipment ect and ect. I cleaned all the makeup before putting it in the box and I got rid of some of the old makeup and varnishes because now I have an idea of what needs to go in terms of being old or damaged and more importantly what I now need to for my box.

When was the last time you replaced powders, mascara, and creams? To protect your eyes and skin from bacteria that can grow on old makeup, consider starting new. It's also an excellent time to clean those makeup brushes. I will possibly post a blog post on how I clean my brushes despite I am looking for an alternative method so if you have a method of your own I would love to know.


In terms of jewlerry I don't have a whole lot of jewellery and despite not having a lot I would hold on to the old ones, I don't wear them or use them but I continued to keep them in my box. In hind site not sure if it was a reassurance thing or why I actually kept them?. Now that I have decluttered I have realised that I hardly have any jewellery, like I need to redirect my sales list to restock on earrings, necklaces, chokers ect. I am quite simple when it comes to earrings but I love necklaces, chokers mostly jewellery for the neck so I had more of that type of jewellery after getting rid of all the unnecessary items. Before I placed them in my jewellery box I wiped everything clean I keep mentioning this because I do believe to start 2017 with a fresh start it is better to not move dirt into a clean space or move unwanted stuff to a place with all of your loved stuff.


I don't know about you but if I have to declutter any area of my house that's going to take a lot of time I easily get overwhelmed and also when I finish at the end of the day I'm too exhausted to feel proud of myself for letting go of items or cleaning a space in my home. So like I mentioned below my clothes was done two days before Christmas and my jewellery and makeup was done the day after boxing day. I plan to organise the area where I keep all my products that I review on another day and the list continues. So despite its a few more days till new year chart a plan over the coming weekends. It will all be done before you know it!

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