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My First #2:Garnier Micellar Water


There's been so much reviews on micellar water,to be honest for the most part they have all been positive. When I first heard about micellar water I didn't have any idea what it was later on I learnt it was a makeup remover based on some of the reviews I briefly heard on YouTube which didnt grab my attention much because I was very happy with what I was using, so I decided to purchase the Garnier Micellar Water from my local Boots so I can finally give it a try for myself. So with that said....


Micella water act as an oil-and-makeup-gobbling structure, which means you can have all the benefits of, say, a powerful makeup remover, without the residue and mess of an oil-based makeup remover. 

Micellar waters are water that undergoes a process called micellization, which in scientific terms means a process of aggregation of surfactant ions or molecules above a critical concentration (that is referred to as the critical micelle concentration, or CMC) to form self-assembly structures referred to as micelles.


Garnier Micellar Water states that it is an easy way to remove makeup, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area and lips in 1 step without rinsing. It is an all in one cleanser  with cleansing agents that also captures and removes dirt from the skin. Perfectly cleansed and refreshed skin without rubbing and rinsing.


My skin type is combination skin mainly so its extremely oily in the summer and really dry in the winter. I will explain the benefits of Micellar water to different skin types but first I will explain how I've used it. I usually use cleansing facial wipes to remove my makeup its just something that has worked for me for many years so the Garnier Micellar water's promise of 200 uses in a bottle was a real bargain to me. I usually wear very minimal makeup so the first time I used micellar water it removed all the makeup effortlessly and my skin felt so refreshed especially the following day. I even used the micellar water after my cleansing wipes and it removed the makeup that my cleansing wipes had missed so I was once again pleased with my purchase. 

However, later on in the month I had a makeup shoot to go to with Fashion Fair and the makeup artist put on full coverage makeup on my face that day, after arriving home I didn't have any cleansing wipes so I thought I would use the micellar water. To be honest I had to use quite a bit of it and I had to rub quite a bit to remove the makeup. I 'm not sure if it had something to do with the amount I used or maybe the fact I was wearing a lot more makeup but that night I was very nervous as to whether all the makeup had been removed.


Sensitive Skin- this will be a huge benefit to those with sensitive skin type since this is a gentler more milder facial cleanser that removes the makeup.

Oily Skin.- this will  be of benefit because it doesn't use oil to remove makeup from the skin as oppose to your normal facial cleansers or makeup remover so it is highly beneficial when it comes to reducing the chances of getting more acne from clogged pores making your skin more breathable

Dry Skin- the benefits include gently cleansing without stripping the skin of its natural oil which will make your skin blotchy or even more dry. It also is beneficial since you wont have to use a night /day cream to replace the natural oils you can lose with other facial wipes or cleaners.


The Garnier Micellar water for the most part is great I still cant get over how cleansed your face feels the day after. I don't wear heavy makeup since my skin has gotten a lot better so removing the makeup with this product is amazing, I use it every day and my bottle is quite full still. Also it has no fragrance which I must say I do like because it feels like I am cleansing my face with water and I don't go to bed with that perfumed scent that my facial wipes do have. In terms of wearing more heavier makeup I haven't tried micellar water again with heavier makeup so I am not sure whether it was the amount I used but overall this product is really effective and amazing value.

So there's so many different types of micellar waters out there from various brands but I am such a fan of this product after trying Garniers I would definitely recommend that you try Micellar water and if you do leave a comment down below or if you have and you have any thoughts or opinions on my post I would love to know.

And once again thank you for reading.

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  1. I honestly love this product! It has made my life easier to remove my makeup after a long tiring day! xx


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