Monday, 3 October 2016


So I've finally decided on the questions I wanted to do for the get to know me post. I don't know about you but I love a get to know me tag whether its Blogs or YouTube I just like learning about the person behind the blog or the person I am watching the video about especially if I am subscribed to their blog or channel so with that said here's my Get to know me Tag.

  1. What is your favourite hobby? Playing around with Graphics and designing stuff
  2. What is your favorite color? This one is a tough one because I have favourites according to seasons but I will probably say at the moment I'm feeling emerald green.
  3. Who was your first best friend? Jessica Charles
  4. How tall are you? 5.7.5( 5.7 and a half) 
  5. Cats or Dogs? Cats of course
  6. Funniest moment throughout School? Cant think of any I was a bit of a book worm Eek.
  7. How many countries have you visited? 5
  8. Computer or Television? Computer I'm a bit of a youtube junkie
  9. What was your favourite/worst subject in High School? My worst subject was French( Le struggle was real)
  10. What is your Favorite drink? Hmm Ribena
  11. What is your favorite animal? I'm so not an animal person if Cats count then Cats :D 
  12. What is your favourite perfume? Dolce and Gabana  Pour Femme
  13. Tea or Coffee? Tea
  14. Summer or winter? Summer
  15. What Sports do you play/Have you played? Volleyball, netball, rounders.
  16. What is your favourite takeaway? Chinese  
  17. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? Bethany Mota, Andreas Choice, Mr Kate, Shirley Beniang, Zoella, Michelle Phan lets just say I got a lot lol 
  18. What is your favourite movie? Hmm this is hard I love Superman films
  19. Are you Single or Taken? Taken I'm happily married
  20. How would you describe your fashion sense? I like outfits that are cute or very classy and sophisticated.
So thats the end of my get to know me Tag, I hope you enjoyed this most please leave a comment below I would love to know your favourites or your worst or whether we have a few things in common.

And once again thank you for reading.

Until Next Time, 



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