Monday, 5 September 2016

UK Travels: Brighton in Photos

Hey Lovelies,

As mentioned on my Instagram I visited Brighton for a family trip and I had a wedding to attend all in the same day. I've been to Brighton before but I never had a chance to explore Brighton like I did this time. It has changed so much, apart from the pier, beach and restaurants I visited a massive Boots and I got some products that I couldn't find in the small Boots near to where I live. I will be reviewing those makeup products in  another post so be sure to follow by email to my mailing list.

Enjoy a look at Brighton through my eyes......




So I hope all of you enjoy my little sight seeing trip in Brighton, my only regret was that I didn't get any pictures of food since I was rushing to get my train to attend a wedding in London. There was a really nice dim sum shop at the top of the hill before you arrive at the train station. I absolutely love dim- sum and it was an amazing tasting alternative compared to the Dim-sum that I am familiar with from China Town.

Have you been to Brighton? Do you recommend any restaurants or places in Brighton? How did you find the post in general?

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