Thursday, 15 September 2016

Still dreaming about the 2016 Blogger Festival

This year I got a chance to go to the 2016 Bloggers Festival which took place at the Conrad Hotel hosted by the beautiful Scarlett London. I was so gutted I didn't get to go to the Bloggers Ball, to be honest, I didn't know about it until I saw the lovely pictures all over my Instagram so I was uber excited to go to the Bloggers Festival. I have also made it my mission to spread the word about any blogging events taking place because I had such a good time at this event and I hope you will do the same for me. 

I arrived at the bloggers festival extremely early with my friend and we were greeted with canape reception and drinks. There was a lovely sweet station set up and as soon as I entered I was mesmerised by the amazing Kim K wall, it made such an impression on me that I am currently getting one for my room( A girl can dream).

There was so much to see and to do that I just dived right into checking out some of the brands, I wish I could put all the brands in the post but it would be a pretty long blog post. However, I have more blog post where I will discuss all the goodies that I received  and a few product reviews so you will naturally get a chance to see all of the other brands. I believe all of the different brand stations were so cool that they all deserve to be talked about.

So with that said Lets dive in....


Since I am such a decor obsessive judging by the number of photos I think you can guess where I spent most of my time in the Bloggers festival. Jewellery never disappoints visually in fact there decor and boxes stood out the most to me from the pictures I saw from the Bloggers Ball.

I got a chance to look at all their current pieces, and even there new range that's coming out called Karma Moments, I must say I  was at their station for ages taking it all in. And just when you thought it was enough they had a little mini photo shoot where you get to take a picture with one of their pieces and keep it also. I will be doing mine next week and I can't wait. I've picked my piece out and personalised it and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product on the day. was one of my favourite brands of the day, you gotta take a look at their jewellery pieces just Click Here. 


I got a chance to see and try so many amazing brands some of them I was familiar with like Perfect White and 7th Heaven a lot of the others were pretty new to me.The variety of brands were also astonishing there were food brands like

Opies they sell jarred items such as cocktail products, fruit compotes and other bits that are good for baking. I know I will be baking something using one of their samples.Another thing that's worth a mention is that Opies sells in your local supermarket I saw there range in my local Co-operative here in London so you can check out their entire range.

Body Chef which does diet plans that are delivered straight to your door. They have over 15 different plans,they do hampers and they cover breakfast, lunch and dinner within their different plans. Also, each plan is suited to your goal whether it's eating healthy, eating less or your looking for a more specialised diet.

There was also go send,deborah mitchell, ffs shaving, PNY, Exuviance, Aflorex and many more that I will be going into greater detail in another blog post. In another post I will be focusing on all the goodies and later I will be doing some product reviews with some of them also so you can get an even bigger idea of all that I got to see and recieved at this fab event.


I think other than getting to see so many different brands another highlight to the event is the fact that I got to meet so many bloggers from all parts of the UK along with a few YouTubers, it was amazing. There were bloggers from Manchester, Bristol, London where I'm based, Birmingham, Slough and the list continues. I was so inspired and encouraged by just speaking to all of them and my friend that I brought was also even more encouraged to start her blog so it's a great event if you blog already or if you are thinking of blogging there was something to take away no matter what stage your in.

Since the bloggers festival I have been keeping in touch with some of the girls I met on twitter, instagram and there's some really nice bloggers out there behind some of the blogs you may come across.


I left really feeling proud to be a blogger I love sharing my content with my readers and especially writing about brands and topics that I'm into, like hand on heart happy to write about. I can't wait to showcase some of these Brands on the blog so you can get a look at what's out there (even I'm amazed at what's out there lol) when it comes to products, so I am looking forward to sharing the love with every single one of you.

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 Once again thank you for reading.

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