Thursday, 8 September 2016


Hey Lovelies,

It's been a long time since we've had a heart to heart since my Don't rain on me series. For that series, I received so much positive feedback either on my Instagram or just messages sent to me personally and for that I am grateful. I've been blogging for a little over 2 years and I have learnt so much about myself and blogging in general .

 I will do a blog post on everything I have learnt now compared to what I knew then just to bring some encouragement and direction to those that are new to blogging or are thinking of starting a blog, or even giving up(don't worry I'll take you under my wing).

But before that post I would just like to give one bit of advice so grab a cup of tea PG tips or Cammomile of course and let's have a good old girly chat.


 So when I started blogging and during blogging I first started to research I looked at Blogs on Bloglovin and I obsessed over different feeds on Instagram since I absolutely love pictures. However what I started to do was look at said feed and I liked a theme, for instance a white theme and I would adopt that for one picture then I would look at another theme for instance black and white and I would adopt that for another picture and I would look at my feed and I would dislike it because it just wasn't me but I wanted to appeal to everyone's concept of beautiful.

Another thing I would do is have pictures that have a whole bunch of likes but they didn't look great in my feed or matched my theme. You would think I woud get rid of them but I persisted to keep them anyway because they were a sort of trophy in my Instagram (look how many people liked this picture).


Don't get me wrong I am not against wanting to be liked or having people love your writing or your social media platforms but you want to be able to look at what you've created and say even if no one likes this is me and I'm happy with it. Another disclaimer I'm not against taking constructive criticism or advice from the bloggers that have gone before us, 'A Girl Obsessed' is one of the many blogs I took a lot of blog advice from when I decided to take blogging seriously but I still kept my uniqueness and individuality.

If you've seen my instagram theme and my blog pictures its all bright colours and thats me I'm happy with that but I can still look at someone else's blog, instagram or tumblr and appreciate their pastel colours or white and gold themes.I just love individuality it makes the world a lot less boring don't you think.


Lastly write what you love because trust me if you write what you think people will love or to please the masses you won't find that sense of fulfillment and happiness blogging can bring take it from me.

I can happily say that I love blogging there's areas I am improving or changing daily but I am happy in my own skin.

So if your feeling like giving up on blogging and your down in the dumps maybe you should grab a notebook and a pen and evaluate the colours you like, the type of people you would like to read your blog, the topics you enjoy talking about. After your done go and attack your blog and social media platforms and do a massive clean up. Possibly change your blog theme, delete or hide certain post or get rid of pictures that your not happy with personally.Letting go is good, you'll feel much better after the initial omg what am I doing I promise lol.

Now when someone says I LOVE YOUR BLOG! you can be like OMG Thank you I LOVE IT TO! and
P.S. Enjoy being your own type of BEAU-TIFUL.

So let me know if you're a new blogger, a veteran blogger with years under your belt or your thinking of blogging or maybe you  don't blog at all but this post spoke to you regarding another area.

Leave a Comment down below I would love to know if you found this post helpful.

Until Next Time, 



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