Thursday, 30 June 2016

New Look Sale: My Fave's and my Save's

The last few weeks we've had some really bad rainy weather in London, to say the least. Having the week off I decided to put a few items in my basket from the current New Look Sale. I tend to have a few favorites that I can't risk leaving them to be sold out so I purchase them on the spot and others I simply save them for a later time because I love them but I am not crazy about them or I don't want to go over my shopping budget for them just yet.


There were two dresses that were my absolute favourites both of which I purchased because I couldn't risk losing them One was a Tall Blue Button Front Pinafore Dress which will go really well with my white converses and a white vest it will be great to wear this to the beach with family, and the other was a White Floral Print Sleeveless Midi and I think this can be dressed up with some strappy white or black heels depending on the occasion. Floral patterns are always in for spring and summer and I am looking forward to wearing this dress to a wedding or a lunch date with one of my mates. 


I have always loved a bomber jacket, that was even before they became a trend once again. In fact, one of the first birthday gifts I purchased for my husband was a bomber jacket, I am going to be totally honest I love a plain bomber jacket the only compromise I will make is some white details on the collar, sleeves and bottom lining of the jacket that you can see in my current saves at the top. However, I have been recently loving these floral bomber jackets that I have been seeing around, my current save is a black floral one in the picture there were two others that had bright floral patterns that I really liked but they were sold out or didn't have my size.


All 4 were a near purchase and some of the tops were as low as £4.00. The items that are my saves are Blue Embroidered Panel Swing Vest, Floral Peplum Cami, Grey Bardot Top and my fave was a Tall Wide Sleeve Belted Wrap Top. These were all amazing tops the only reason for not purchasing is because I had a few similar tops really and some of the tops I wasn't sure whether it would be flattering on my body type based on the cut. I am still waiting for the delivery for some of the items I actually purchased if something doesn't fit right I will definitely exchange it for one or 2 of the items I have listed.


I am going to admit I am so fussy when it comes to shoes, maybe that's why I tend to get quite a few compliments on my shoe collection because I simply won't buy a pair of shoes that I am not crazy about. All of these saves are literally my faves I plan to purchase them today as I put them in my basket just last night. I have saved a Tan Leather Plaited Gillette Sandal because they were absolutely cute, A pair of white woven cut out pointed heels  I must admit I am not a fan of white shoes due to the fact that realistically you can't wear them all the time because they are hard to keep clean and I can never find a pair that I like.It may come as a shock but I don't own a pair of white shoes, the only pair of white shoes I had is the one I wore on my wedding day and those babies are long gone LOL. What drew me to these shoes is the woven detail I think it gives the shoes some personality and it's quite simple so I can wear it with a maxi dress at a wedding or a midi dress that has white or pastel colors.Lastly, some black strappy heels, I have black strappy heels already but what drew my attention to this one is the detail on the end where your toes are and the detail at the back. These are not your ordinary pair of strappy heels and hence got my seal of approval.


My last two favorites are a pair of Bleached Raw Hem Skinny Jeans and A Coral Wrap Front Collute Jumpsuit. I purchased the jeans I really loved the look of them and I don't have a pair of stone washed/bleached jeans  and I thought it would be a great addition to my closet. The Collute would have been purchased but  my size was sold out : ( . I was already imagining wearing that on the beach in Antigua, so heart-breaking. However if your size is still there I would definitely recommend purchasing it. Sometimes I wish everything could be in one size and we could not have to deal with shopping heartbreak #sighs, unfortunately, that's not the case so you have to get it before its gone.

I have linked all of the items so you can easily find them  just in case some of my saves and faves are some of your save and fave's too. With this sale, everything is going fast so if anything is sold out just pop me an email or leave a comment and I will try to see if  I can find you some alternatives. Also,I would love to know some of your faves and saves just leave a comment below.

Thank you for Reading my lovely's,



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