Monday, 13 July 2015

Trending Alert!: Cat-Eye Shades

Other than my current obsession with cats in general, these shades are my absolute fave. I am the proud owner of a pair of tinted black pairs myself and out of all the sunnys I do own, these are going to be my new summer wear.

So what makes these stunners so appealing to myself and the fashion world at the moment. In my opinion I think they are sleek, sassy and boujis. These shades just ooze sophistication and if anyone remembers halleberry and catwoman the appeal and the power she gave off wearing the cat eyed mask was off the richter scale and definitely one to remember.

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I've tried a few ranges and I must admit I'm a bit fussy when it comes to shades so I'll give you an expensive choice and a cheaper choice that I absolutely loved when trying on different types.On the expensive side Top Shop does a pair for £16.00 that fits really cute on a smaller more narrow face like myself and Primark does a pair for £2.00 if your looking for something more on the cheaper side.

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New Look has a wide range between the prices of £5.99 and £7.99  that I believe will fit a more rounder face. I really loved the variety that new look served up, I was in there for quite a long time cause there was so much to choose from. Its unfortunate that they didnt suit my face one bit.:-(

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Even though I have mentioned mostly highstreet stores I have posted some of my favourites that I came across while browsing online.

But whatever shades you've seen or have that are your purrrrrrfect pair. Please dont hesitate to let me know in the comments or send me pics. I would love to know.

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