Friday, 10 August 2018

Making My Office Space beautiful with Caseapp| Personalising my Mobile and Laptop

Dull, Lifeless, Boring are some of the words I use to describe my laptop and my mobile and if you can relate then Caseapp is for you. With caseapp* you have the option to choose between their extensive range of designs or you can create a personalise design for your laptop or mobile phone. I decided to choose this stunning design since its so cute summer is nearly ending so its more fall themed and it just gets me motivated to get some work done. What I love about caseapp is that it is so easy to select which design you'd like scratch that you will be so spoilt for choice there is literally something for everyone and there are so many designs.
Also applying the actual design to your Laptop or Mobile is very easy its literally like applying a sticker to your actually device so it's super easy.

In terms of my mobile phone I really wanted to design something, something that screamed me. In hind sight I should have chosen a photo from my actual instagram because the quality in which they print the case is spot on its such a great match. 

But for the most part I am happy with my design and I have been getting a lot of compliments on the case, it has all the summer feels yet it is elegant because its Chanel, its giving me all the high fashion vibes.

I just want to design more. In fact this would make a perfect gift for someone special. Despite its totally different from Moon Pig it reminds me of that a little bit because you can put your memory's in the design or a persons initials the possibilities are endless.

So if you were to design your own laptop skin or mobile what would you add to it something disney, floral print, abstract art what would best describe you I would love to know in the comments. I nearly went for the pizza with the flowers head over to the Caseapp Website to see the design.

Also have you ever thought about personalising your your laptop I never thought of it and now its the best decision I have made I just love looking at it now and it doesn't look as ancient anymore.

So I have teamed up with Caseapp to give you the opportunity to pimp/ design your own laptop or phone case with 20% off using my code HIDDEN20 just head over to their website. For the record I don't gain anything when you use my code its a gift to all of my readers from myself and Caseapp so your welcome to use it along with your friends and family.

Have you purchased anything from Caseapp?

*This post is a collaboration with Caseapp but all expressed views are my honest opinion*


  1. I love the design you created for your phone case. It is gorgeous.

  2. I absolutely love this!!! I would love to do this and use a Disney theme :) DaisyGirl

  3. I love all the floral stuff. Especially the phone case. Where I can buy this phon case?

  4. I want this for my laptop! This is so beautiful and stylish.

  5. Your office space really is beautiful. I really love the case you designed for your phone its really lovely indeed.

  6. these cases are adorable! I reckon my laptop and phone could do a makeover, I will definitely check these out!

  7. Hmmm I don't know what I would put on a customized phone case. I'd probably go for some imagery about travel as I'm always traveling here or there.

  8. I have not heard of Caseapp before. I like the idea of creating your own phone case. Thanks.

  9. I love the design you chose for your laptop! I just switched and started using my husband’s - and you are right, Boring!! I need to look into these!! Thank you!

  10. I would advise you to design more because what you did came out so pretty. I love it!

  11. oh my! that is so cute and elegant! I am charmed! also the phone case is so YOU!

  12. I love personalized accessories. These two are just perfect. I need to check out their designs.



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