Monday, 11 June 2018

The Glow up: My skincare routine that gave me glowing skin overnight!

Have you ever had some where nice to go and your skin is either recovering from a breakout or just looking horrible, dull and not so great. I call these paper bag moments because I honestly wish I could leave the house with a paper over my head because no amount of makeup is going to make my skin look how I would like it to. Is there anyone out there that can relate?

Well if some of you can I have got just the thing that helped me a few days ago and I wanted to share it with all of you lovely bunch.

The first thing I use is a cleanser and I tend to use the Sond Skin Cleanser the most it's just so gentle,  has a nice smell and it leaves my skin clean. I tried quite a number of their products and wrote a review Here: Sond Skincare Review.

After I use The Ordinary: Glycolic Acid Toning Solution as a kind of second cleanse/ toner. To be totally honest I was so nervous about using it after the cleanser especially since my skin was just semi recovering from a hormonal breakout but luckily I didn't feel any stinging and I didn't wake up the next day with a red face.

I then used the Ordinary Moisturising Factor which is an old love of mine since it really made such a big difference to my skin when I was trialling the ordinary, not sure why I stopped using it. I wrote a review  of this along with a few other products in this post The Ordinary Skincare Review: My Unbiased Opinion on the Ordinary.

After I used the Vichy Sleep Mask ( see a full review here) or sometimes if I am worried about it finishing since I just have a sample size I use my Superfacialist Sleep and Reveal Mask  (see the review I did here). I just put a small amount on since my face has already had a skin cocktail and to be totally honest my skin wasn't looking great that week so I didn't have much to loose haha ( caution to the wind).

Lastly I sprayed my face with some Mario Baduski Facial Spray which I am currently obsessed with.

So that's the skincare routine I use to get glowing skin overnight. Alternatively I would have used the honey mask from anatomical and sprayed with my facial spray but to be totally honest I didn't have the time and my skin needed some heavy duty loving.

      What skincare products do you use in a skincare emergency?

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  1. that sleep mask looks amazing!! maybe i will have to give that a try xx

  2. I have yet to try the Ordinary but I have been wanting to get my hands on it! Lately I've been using the Watermelon Glow sleep mask from Glow Recipe and have been loving it!


    1. I really wish that mask was in the UK


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