Monday, 14 May 2018

A Day at Snowzone: Summer of Snow

So at the end of last  month I went with my little family to Snowzone for their summer of snow we were all excited to go outside of London to Milton Keynes since we've never been. Travelling to Milton Keynes was so much easier than what we imagined because we usually drive when it comes to going outside London we used the virgin Atlantic train and it was just 30 minutes.

When we arrived we were given our snow gear which were on hire but we had to pay for the gloves. So after getting suited up it was all really fast - I had to put on my boots and they were doing a brief which I unfortunately ended up missing because I was so busy going back to get my skis  and then trying to figure out where I should get my helmet then I had to ask someone to help me. So ultimately I had to go in and look for the group because my instructor said they had had to go onto the slopes.

After going in I had to try and catch up on what everyone was doing which was quite difficult because I didn't hear the brief and my instructor was teaching from a standpoint that I would already know what he was talking about.

Skiing is kind of like ice skating which I am not good at because there is a lot of balance involved and figuring out how to stand, much less move. I got quite the workout while doing this and it really taught me something about my mindset because I was so ready to quit early on from falling and really struggling to actually get it. Also my instructor reminded me a little of an army sergeant - he just wanted me to keep on going and he didn't have time for self doubt, fear of falling or that I struggled with taking direction. I had to really tell myself that I can do this and I am not going to fall; to do at least a little better every time, but overall I grew from this experience.

My husband on the other hand loved it so much his coach was the total opposite of mine he helped him with his ski's, he encouraged them and taught them as they went on and despite my husband thought it was the equivalent of a gym workout and found it hard at first, he got it in the end.

His ski instructor was called Ollie and he said it was like being taught by a friend and that he will definitely want to go back and ski again.

The overall resort I loved, it had the feel of a real family atmosphere especially sitting in the restaurant and eating their oh so yummy food. Also my daughter would agree that the soft play area is really fun - she didn't want to leave there at all.

So in terms of the skiing if I had heard the brief and had a bit more of a patient instructor that understood that I was completely new to the resort and the whole experience then it would have been a better experience for me but overall I loved that I got a chance to experience a ski resort with my family. Also my husband wants to go again and he's got 25% off his next lesson so we will be returning. Next time I will spend my time eating in the restaurant and playing with my daughter but overall this has given our family memories we won’t forget.

If your looking for a fun activity with your family then Snowzone is the place for you it has something for every age a play area for the kids, snowing, sledging and other activities the handmade burger and chips are second to none in my opinion. Be sure to check out their website to see what they've got on offer.

 What are your family plans for the spring and summer? Have you ever tried skiing?
Leave a comment below I'd love to know.


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