Monday, 14 May 2018

A Day at Snowzone: Summer of Snow

So at the end of last  month I went with my little family to Snowzone for their summer of snow we were all excited to go outside of London to Milton Keynes since we've never been. Travelling to Milton Keynes was so much easier than what we imagined because we usually drive when it comes to going outside London we used the virgin Atlantic train and it was just 30 minutes.


Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Some Recent Launches from Colourpop: Lux Lipsticks, In Nude-endo and more

Colourpop oh how I love you! I have been purchasing colourpop so much this year its slowly becoming an obsession and the recent launches aren't helping haha!. But honestly in terms of highstreet brands colourpop and makeup revolution are probably the brands I purchase from the most, like the majority of my coins when it comes to makeup goes to these two brands and they are used the most as well so yes guys the love is real.

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