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A Brighter Whiter Smile with Sonria Dental Clinic| Teeth Whitening Review with Before and After Pics

Hey Everyone I hope you've had a great week this week and your enjoying the sunny weather we've been having.. A few weeks ago I got invited to do a treatment at the Sonria Dental Clinic I was so excited and yet nervous at the same time. I had a choice of 3 treatments but I went with teeth whitening because I felt that's what I have always wanted. I use to have extremely white teeth but being in the UK drinking coffee, the hard water and other things has really changed the colour of my teeth. Despite a lot of people that meet me or look at my photo's generally think my teeth are quite nice I have been battling with my teeth not being the way I want them to be for a long time and one of those reasons is down to not having a great dentist and not having the proper dental education on how to keep my teeth healthy, that all changed when I came to Sonria Dental Clinic.

When I first arrived I was so nervous I guess you hear about teeth whitening from the celebrity's a lot but I never imagined getting it done and a few videos I have watched it looked a little intense. Before they got started they made me feel really comfortable and then they talked me through what they will do first. 

In the beginning they started by measuring the colour of my teeth to see what colour it was so that they can judge what shade to get it to. My colour was a mixture of a A35 and a A3 and since this isn't school grades an A in this case wasn't great haha. The procedure is a 90 minute procedure and they told me what colour they had hoped to get my teeth to and I was so doubtful as to whether that was possible.

The procedure consisted of putting something on my teeth then putting the machine on for 20 minutes and then cleaning, that was done 3 times with each time I saw my teeth get whiter and whiter. I really wanted to show you the gradual change but I didn't get all the shots I was hoping for. Instead I  have a simple before and after photo along with the colour of what my teeth use to look like against what they look like now. If that isn't cool I don't know what is, in the first photo on the left it was against a tooth that was a A35 and in the photo you can see my teeth completely changed to a B1. Alongside this there is an option of even doing an at home whitening to make them even whiter so they were quite impressed that my teeth looked this white after one procedure.

Another thing they have such amazing hi- tech equipment but rather than making the procedure more uncomfortable it has helped to make the teeth whitening experience so much more gentler than what it use to be and what it could be, some moments I was falling asleep to be totally honest.

Another thing I like about my visit to Sonria is the fact that they don't just do your teeth and just let you be on your way they let me know what I need to do regarding my teeth to keep them healthy and just advise on to maintain a healthy beautiful smile. One thing they did advise was a deep clean or hygiene clean and I have always been not too keen because a lot of people say a hygiene clean is the same as a normal clean and it isn't needed. I am here to tell you its all LIES. 

After going back to Sonria dental to get a hygiene clean I will forever be getting it done because it has helped the health of my gums immensely. I was going to write a second post on the importance of a Hygiene clean and why you need to get your butt to the dentist* to get one done but just in case I don't get to because my schedule is manic at the moment I thought I would add it to this post. Teeth Whitening, Hygiene Cleaning I am here for all of it because to be honest your smile is something people see first and its not a superficial thing but why not take care of it the best you can. My family all have a good set of teeth its a family thing but I have noticed as some of my family members are getting older they have begun to loose their teeth and we all know unless your my daughter that's a toddler they wont grow back, if there gone their gone.

Coming to this dentist I can hand on heart say they have saved my teeth and saved my smile. If you live in the UK you will know there are a bunch of dodgy dentist out their I have come across far too many especially living in South London I can tell you stories upon stories. 

The staff at Sonria Dental will tell you the truth about your teeth they will plan a strategy on how to get the health of your teeth back on track and they will do it smiling so you won't feel embarrassed. I am happy to know that my teeth are in good hands and my family's teeth are in good hands to.

If you'd like to learn more about Sonria Dental Clinic and their treatments be sure to head over to their Website. You can also get a 20% off discount on all full priced treatments using the code hiddenbeautblog20.

Thank you to the beautiful staff at Sonria Dental once again for making my smile even more beautiful and have given me the confidence to smile and show my teeth unashamedly. 
Muchas gracias mis hermosos amigos!

Have you ever done teeth whitening? What would you change about your teeth if you could?



  1. WOAH! What a remarkable difference! I've never done teeth whitening myself, and have always wanted to look into it. Everything looks so amazing - your teeth and your gums! I'm a huge fan of a good hygiene clean too. It makes all the difference - I totally agree!

  2. I always think a bright teeth is important to every smile. The before and after do have a very huge difference. Really glad to see the result turn out to be so obvious.

  3. i think white teeth are very important. They make your smile more open and attractive! It is also makes people more happy to talk to you

  4. It's easy to smile wholeheartedly when you're done with a dentist as professional and as accommodating as the ones I've read from here. Maybe someday you'll expand, Sonria Dental Clinic, and I'll be there when it happens!

  5. It seems like you had a really positive experience at Sonria and the before and after pictures show brilliant results! Is there anything more satisfying than a lovely smile?!

  6. It seems that you really had a great experience at Sonria. The result are so impressive.

  7. I have never done teeth whitening procedure but it does sounds and looks great. There is remarkable difference in before and after pictures, sounds like a nice team of professionals.

  8. What an amazing transformation! I love how easy and painless this procedure sounds.

  9. I have never been tempted to whiten my teeth, but you got an excellent result!

  10. Woow! This seems so surreal, I am going to check them out, I need this I really do. Thank you for this information

  11. Wow! They did an excellent job! I really want to have my teeth whitened but I yet to look into getting them professionally done!

  12. I have a bad tooth where many dentists are not touching because of the complications. How I wish I have a dentist who can help me with it!

  13. Oh wow! Such a big difference, they did a great job! I've always wanted to do teeth whitening too, drinking lots of tea and coffee can really affect how they look! Loved this post!

    Juliet x

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